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Benefits of recommendation engines in OTT content delivery

Posted On November 22nd 2020

OTT platforms have taken over the world, and you can find that almost every individual is a part of the OTT ecosystem. The reason for the growth of these platforms is not only because of the content they provide but also the user experience and the platform's ability to engage the user with the application. Most OTT platforms use a recommendation system which is used to understand the user's content preference and hence, provide the consumer with personalized recommendations.

Benefits of recommendation systems:

● A quicker way to discover content: Choosing what to watch every time a viewer logs into the application is a difficult task because they are presented with a gigantic platter of content. Here, the content recommendation engine makes it easier for the consumer by analyzing their past interests and providing them with the best content that matches their taste.

● Customized options: If a user likes a particular genre of content, then the movie recommendation system makes sure that the genre they want will be given priority and displayed on the home screen of the particular user.

● Location priority: The application accesses the users' geo-location and makes sure it displays all the content as per their country so that they don't miss out on the latest trending shows.

● Binge-watching and re-watching: These OTT recommendation systems store the users' data and make sure that viewers can replay the content from where they left off. Such recommendation engines also allow viewers to choose a specific genre of content as per their mood and preferences.

● Content delivery according to the user's age: Parents can restrict inappropriate content for kids by using software that is associated with recommendation systems. These recommendation systems will also provide the right content by taking all the conditions of the user into account. This minimizes the risk of watching unwanted content.

Service providers use recommendation engines to understand the user dynamics at any given time and create the content according to people's choices. Recommendation systems and the software associated with it help the companies understand the data in real-time and act accordingly.

Also, when the companies can understand the user movement on their website, they can customize the site according to the individual user which will increase customer satisfaction and ensure that the customer revisits the site or subscribes to the services.

Best personalized recommendation system

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