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Give your customers what they  
even if they don’t know it yet !

Delight your customers with personalized engagement at every interaction point. In geek speak, Datsy Suggest is an AI powered personalization & recommendation engine

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Your customers expect you to understand them

Provide personalized experience to win customers, not just a sale

e commerce recommendation

Increase conversions

Engaged customers are happy to do business with you

Increase wallet share

Engaged customers invest in you

Increase customer retention

Engaged customers stay with you longer

Increase customer loyalty

Engaged customers consider you as first choice

Increase customer delight

Engaged customers refer more

Increase brand value

Engaged customers value you more

Datsy Suggest helps you to understand your customers and present them with personalized recommendations

Average revenue per customer increased by

40 %

Re-visiting buyers increased by

30 %

Customer referrals increased by

30 %

Personalized customer experience has never been so nimble

Convert your digital platform into customer’s personal asset, without any heavy-lifting

Go-live in a Jiffy

Personalized recommendations on your digital platform, in no-time. Simply integrate and drive customer engagement

AI on SaaS

No hassle of set-up & maintenance of AI engine for you. Focus on your core-business, while we take care of backend infrastructure

Integrate Seamlessly

Integrate across customer interaction points viz menus, catalogues, carousels, push notifications, checkout pages and emails


No lengthy contracts, upfront charges or retainer charges. You pay only for the service you use. No additional charges

customer engagement platform

Datsy Suggest helps you deliver customer centric, personalized experience, at ease

Your business is as unique as your customer need

Personalized customer experience use cases, tailored to your business domain

  • E - Commerce
  • Digital Media (OTT)
  • E - Learning
  • Banking
E - Commerce


  • Recommended products on menu
  • Home page with items of interest
  • Similar products of interest
  • Dynamic bundled checkout

and more...

Digital Media (OTT)

Digital Media (OTT)

  • Personalized content curation
  • Popular contents of interest
  • Contents based on watch history
  • Auto playlist based on interest

and more...

E - Learning

E - Learning

  • Home page with topics of interest
  • Trending now across users
  • Similar topics of interest
  • Topics based on browsing history

and more...



  • Personalized upsell for each customer
  • Omnichannel personalized service
  • Personalized offers and promotions
  • Personalized portfolio recommendations

and more...

Datsy Suggest enables every interaction point with customer specific recommendations

Personalization delivered through seamless integrations

APIs, SDKs, plug-ins or custom adapters, any mode of integration required, we got you covered

e commerce recommendation

Restful APIs

Free form Restful APIs for you to experiment with integration possibilities

SaaS Plug-ins

Configurable plug-ins to integrate with your existing CRM, Sales or any other SaaS product for seamless data flow

Native SDKs

SDK integration support for Java, Python, Java script or any other native language, aligned to your platform’s tech stack

Custom adapters

Any integration requirements beyond APIs, SDKs and Plug-ins, can be supported through custom built data adapters

Datsy Suggest delivers personalized customer experience through seamless integrations

Try Datsy Suggest AI powered personalization & recommendation engine

Improve customer experience – Increase customer engagement – Increase customer retention

Increase customer loyalty – Increase revenue per customer – Increase brand value

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