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The legend has it, we are on a mission…

Our Dawn !

The Goal: is to reduce the growing technology gap between SMB and Large digital businesses and enable a level playing competitive landscape, by making advanced technologies affordable and accessible to small and medium business through the convenience of SaaS.

Increase Ecommerce Conversions
personalized product recommendations

Our Barn !

The Company: Thales data learning Pvt Ltd [TDL] aspires to become a leader in Artificial Intelligence space. TDL meets the market under the brand Datsy​ with a suite of products providing AI as a service for the B2B segment. In the current market scenario, every digital product or service needs the edge of intelligence to better understand its customers and provide personalized services. On the contrary, establishing an Intelligence infrastructure will be a daunting task, with challenges ranging from high entry and exit barriers, high cost of ownership, skill set requirements, etc., Datsy​ steps-in to fill the gap between need for intelligence enablement and overheads in implementing them, by providing intelligence infrastructure as a managed service.

Our Yarn !

The Product: Datsy​ product suite encompasses AI mechanisms customized to specific use cases and provided on a subscription model. Datsy suite is provided as an end-to-end managed service including infrastructure, customizations, and hosting, where the consuming business (customer) is charged on a pay-as-you-go model. This drastically reduces the overheads involved in implementing intelligence infrastructure behind any digital product or service. Suggest​ is the flagship feature of Datsy​, which provides hyper-personalized product/catalogue recommendations based on user's consumption patterns. Suggest​ is AI-powered and enables digital business to enhance every other customer touch point experience to be more personalized and engaging.

personalized product recommendations
Increase Ecommerce Conversions

Our Homesteaders !

The Team: We are the dreamers and doers in a right mix. We are an innovative team with a passion towards future technologies adaptation to real world problems. Our team comprises of management, data science evangelist and tech nerds with a unanimous zeal towards enabling future technologies to be affordable and accessible to all

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