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An omnichannel customer engagement to boost e-newspaper readership

Posted On November 17th 2020

An omnichannel customer engagement to boost e-newspaper readership

Personalized OTT platforms suggest what to watch based on your watching history. In the same way, e-commerce sites suggest items to buy related to what others bought. All this magic happens with the help of AI systems. Not every company or website is digitally outfitted to study and analyze thousands of visitors' search patterns and then develop an algorithm that would show product recommendations based on that. The data that needs to be processed is huge, and the whole operation is budget and time-consuming.

To make your business more user engaging Datsy.io bring in AI powered product recommendations on SaaS. Even aspiring SMBs can outsource their targeted personalized catalogue needs to such service providers. These services basically provide omnichannel customer engagement in order to serve personalized product recommendations based on the user interactions and browsing history. Building an omnichannel brings out an enhanced single user experience. This, in turn, results in better user engagement thereby increasing readership and subscriptions.

How can Datsy.io help your e-newspaper platform?

Datsy.io provides two APIs for businesses to integrate into their applications. One of them records user behavior, which is then analyzed by an AI-backed engine to match them against the available catalog. Every time when a customer visits the site, the API interacts with them in various ways to record their feedback and responses, which can be used to better understand the usage pattern of individual user.. This information is utilized to produce personalized product recommendations through the second API.

Real-world cases would include suggesting customers with related content to read or browse based on their past preferences

e-newspaper businesses offer this hyper-personalization to customize the feed according to the viewer's interest pattern, thereby encouraging them to read more. This will help to boost their readership and subscriptions. By offering personalized news and instant updates, e-newspaper businesses can deliver optimized content that lives up to the reader’s expectations.

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