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Importance of a product recommendation feature on your fashion website.

Posted On November 17th 2020

Importance of a product recommendation feature on your fashion website.

Customer expectations remain the same in both online and offline businesses. Your customers want you to understand them and provide personalized products and service catalog, and when it comes to businesses like fashion retail, the need for personalization is amplified. To understand individual users at scale and provide personalized recommendations, we need autonomous systems like AI (artificial intenlligence) to provide hyper-personalization in fashion retail. It helps in analyzing real-time data to deliver relevant content, product, and service information to each user.

Numerous fashion websites are introduced every day, with increase in competition among providers and merchants. Upcoming businesses with constrained budgets who do not have user engagement dimension will certainly be benefited through Datsy's AI-powered personalized recommendation engine.

How does Datsy help you?

Convert your digital platform into your customer's personalized wardrobe. From hairbands to clothes, accessories to shoes, if your customers find items of their choice, they shall cling on to you. With our recommendation engine for fashion retail, all this is just a click away.

Personalized experience will be a delight to your customers. Encountering customers to products of their choice will increase their screen time on your website. This, in turn, increases customer retention. Hyper-personalized product recommendation engine like datsy plays a key role in enabling personalized experience. Be it western wear or ethnics, formals or casuals, hyper-personalization makes your website a customer engagement platform.

Datsy enables such user engagement through AI driven product recommendations on SaaS model, this allows you to focus on the core business without any hassle of set-up and maintaining AI systems at scale.

By offering our pay-as-you-go subscription model, we intend to avoid any kind of heavy backend infrastructure investments. Also, our Key metrics dashboard lets you analyze all real-time business KPIs like impressions made, Click-throughs, Conversions, etc. This feature enables you to measure and improve your customer engagement quotient.

Datsy product recommendation engine is simple to integrate with just two APIS. The first one keeps track of user behavior, whereas the second one matches these and provides personalized recommendations to customers. Avail the best of the pricing plans we have based on your business needs with annual subscription offers.

For any further details, feel free to reach out to us.

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